Where can I buy a Mon Petit Frère doll?

-I sell my dolls a few different ways in a few different venues. They will be available through scheduled upload (where the first to cart the doll will be able to purchase), though "drawing style" (where you enter you name for chance to purchase) or via auction. I offer my dolls for sale at scheduled times though my website shop, on the first of each month though the dollmaker's collective, Dollectable, and periodically comment style on my Facebook business page. At this time I do not take custom orders.

How much do they cost?

-My natural fiber art dolls use the finest quality materials and take anywhere from 25 to 60 hours or more to complete each one. Due to this they can be more pricey than the average factory manufactured doll. My general buyer is the adult collector but periodically people will buy them as an heirloom doll for a child. My prices start based on the sizes and styles below. Prices may vary due to the cost and complexity of different fibers used for the hair, the cost of the materials used and the number of pieces of clothing, or any additional accessories:

-Petite Fleur vintage style -9" start at $395 and 12" at $425

-Classic vintage style baby doll -10" start $395

-Sculpted art doll -9” start at $450, 13" -$785, 18" - $1095 and 21" - $1195

-Sculpted art doll with joints -15" start at $1000

Do you sell patterns?

-I currently have available digital pattern books for my 9” and 12” Petite Fleurs dolls and my 10” vintage inspired baby dolls available through my Etsy shop and well as here on this page under the SHOP link. My plan is to continue adding patterns to the shop in the near future for other dolls and clothing.

Where are you located?

-I work from my studio right here in my little tudor cottage in Columbus Ohio. All of the dolls are made entirely by me and will ship from this US address.